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Susanne Russo Brass

This page lists the Susanne Russo Brass selections available for sale. Click on the respective link below to see a picture of all items available with descriptions and prices. You must e-mail me with any item requests and quantities prior to payment so I can check stock first. Payment may be via either check or PayPal. Just remember one thing though – once these items are sold out, they are gone for good except for occasional items you will find leftover at stores and on eBay.

Note that shipping is FREE! All of the documents below are Adobe Acrobat PDF files (you must have Acrobat Reader version 8 or higher), so that means you can not only print them, but when viewing them you can also zoom-in on the items to get a better looksee at them. All items are 1″ scale except for the one that says it is 1/2″.

Click on this link to retrieve an order form. It will show you a list of all items, costs, and quantity available for each item. If you enter your requested quantities, it will even calculate your order total for you. When completed, simply email me back the order form so I can confirm quantities. Order form link: (You need Excel). There is additional information on the form itself.
Note: if you have problems viewing these PDF files, then please email me which ones you would like and I will email them directly to you.