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The Magic of the Drill Press Workshop

For those clubs or groups of people that might be interested, I now offer a special workshop entitled “The Magic of the Drill Press”. I provide all the equipment and wood so that you can learn to: cut circles, dados, rabbets, mortises, and tenons. You will also learn how to make a pin routing jig, how to make pattern jigs, and then how to cut consistent/exact wood pieces using the combination of jigs. And if time, you will also learn how to shape 1/4″ cabriole legs using a pin routing jig. And all of this is done with just a drill press. Previous students of this workshop have left in total amazement at their new skills and abilities with a drill press. This is a hands-on workshop using both Vanda-Lay and Cameron drill presses (if I drive to the event).

This is a techniques and tricks workshop that lasts for 4 hours. You can also add an optional 4 hours if you want to also build a fairly complex project with skills you learned in the first 4 hours. Contact me directly for details and costs. Most students are completely satisfied with the 4 hour techniques portion, and simply consider the project portion a luxury with me, the instructor, on hand to help.

This is the same workshop I recently taught at the 2007 NAME National Conference in Orlando. Over 40 people registered for this workshop of only 12 people.

The optional class project (cherry and/or walnut):