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My Drawing Board of Current / Future Projects

Currently I am working on a brand new “whimsical” product line. In this case, pictures speak louder than words. Unfortunately I am not posting any pictures until the entire product line is complete. But needless to say – you will have never seen anything like it in miniature, and probably not in full-scale either.

I am also completing a very limited edition set of banjo grandfather clocks. They are each 7 ¼” high and are probably sold out by the time you read this. But you can still view pictures of them in my Portfolio section since they are so unique. They are without a doubt the most complex piece of furniture that I have built to-date. And I dare say that there are probably very few people in the world that could have also made them.

I just finished a new set of tilt top tables with very unique tops. In fact, you might recognize that they also match some exact floor designs that I have also done. Pretty slick huh? Table tops that match floors!

Send me an e-mail if you wish to challenge me with some other piece of miniature furniture (1/12th scale only).